About twisted cook sister

I’m a photographer, writer and English teacher from South Africa, currently living and loving in Madrid, Spain. I travel as much as I can afford to and I’m addicted to trying delicious, local food in every new place I visit. My intention is to share these with you, so you’ll be getting a great variety of international inspiration!


Oh, and I must mention that I have an incredibly belligerent stomach – but like, who doesn’t these days?! What this means for you is that I focus on recipes that use mostly natural, healthy and raw ingredients. That being said, I can’t turn down a delectable carrot cake… but I try to substitute the unhealthy bits as far as possible. Unfortunately there is no substitute for icing sugar (none that tastes as good anyway) and for this I will draw on the best bit of advice that kicked my butt over here to Spain in the first place:

“You regret the things you don’t do more than the things you do.”

Check out my other blogs:


Tabitha Photography


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