Green pasta au natural

I was out and about in Madrid this week, between interview and private class, and it’s surprisingly difficult to find food on the go in this city. Unlike London, there is no lovely Boots meal deal with their delicious sarmies to save the day. So I ducked into a Día supermarket, usually my last option because of quality, grabbed a wholewheat french loaf and a jar of pickled pimientos. The job hunt hasn’t been quite so successful yet so trying to stretch each euro as far as it will go!

Now this isn’t easy especially as I’m really trying to minimise my intake of packaged food because of the utter rubbish that goes into it. But! Día’s pimientos contain no funny chemicals, with only water, salt and citric acid added. Hoorah Día! Since then I have added them to every dish, they are just too damn delicious… slightly sweet with a hint of spice, they pick up the wow factor of any ol’ dish like this standard green pasta. And it looks pretty 🙂

Prep and cooking time should be 20 minutes.



200g Wholewheat organic Farfalle

1 Tbsp pesto

1 (massive) clove of garlic

4 Mushrooms

1 cup green peas

1/2 a green veg like zucchini or broccoli

Pickled red peppers, optional


Get cooking!

Put some water to boil, then chop up the garlic, mushies and green veg. Pop these into a pan with some olive oil, on low heat. When the water boils add the pasta and turn down the heat. You’ll need to agitate every 3 mins or so, same with the veg.

After around 10 mins add the peas to the veg. If you’re using frozen peas allow to cook slowly for another 5 minutes, stirring them up occasionally. Once they’re heated through turn off the heat and add a generous dollop of pesto to the veg and stir through. Serve with a good ratio of half veg and half pasta, so the pasta gets coated nicely. Break in a handful of pimientos if you fancy the sweetness gives a nice finish to the pasta.





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