Chuck it in there!

Literally a thrown-together salad that impressed me so much I felt compelled to write about it.

I had the following in my fridge:

One ripe tomato

Half a crunchy apple

Quarter of an onion

A carrot

Fresh parsley

Sunflower seeds

Artichokes (pickled in vinegar and garlic)

Jerez vinegar (wine vinegar will do)

Chimmichurri sauce

Sweet Chili sauce (the authentic Thai kind)

And in the cupboard:


Black pepper & sea salt


So I chopped up the tomato, apple and onion finely, grated the carrot (well, peeled and chopped), and tossed it together with the parsley and a splash of each sauce, according to taste. Mixed in a sprinkle of paprika, pepper nd salt and chucked in some seeds for extra crunch. I served it with the artichoke hearts whole because I love peeling the little guys, but you could chop them up into the mix if you wish. Also I’d say a squeeze of lemon juice and an overnight soak would put the recipe on the menu for date night!



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