Homemade Peanut Butter


On Saturdays, we have a ‘desayuno fuerte’ as it’s said in Spanish, a ‘strong breakfast’! Toast with olive oil and slices of fresh tomato are probably the best thing about Spanish breakfast, and something I learned during my time in Andalucia that I will forever keep with me.

But what’s a hearty breakfast without at least one slice of toast smothered with peanut butter?! Homemade, sugar free and gluten free at that… it’s really easier than you think. Add a drizzle of honey, a cuppa rooibos tea and Jerry Lewis’ R&R in the background… you’re set for a smouldering Saturday morning!


Roasted and salted peanuts, about 400G

Olive oil glug

Coconut oil +-Tbsp

(All organic if possible)


Making the Magic

Chuck half the peanuts into a robust blender along with a splash of olive oil and about a Tbsp coconut oil. This really is according to taste and desired texture, so follow your heart…

While those are blitzing to a smooth paste, wash the remaining nuts to rid of excess salt. Add them to the paste, combine with a spoon and continue blitzing.

If you like your peanut butter chunky like me… stop before they’re all chopped up. Some of them will still be whole but it just adds extra crunch to that loveliness. If you’re a smooth operator don’t stop until you’ve got what you want. You know how.

Store in a glass jar and consume quickly because A. it’s delicious and B. it’s all natural and won’t keep as long as store bought gunk.



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